New friendships, love stories, betrayal, and lies. Life after the Last Battle.
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 Rules. [Read please.]

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Rules. [Read please.] Empty
PostSubject: Rules. [Read please.]   Rules. [Read please.] I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 5:26 pm

Welcome to The New Lives. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: When registering your username will be the name of your character.

like: Christine Jones
NOT: xxilyjbxx

After all that is said, here is some rules.

First of all, 4 characters per person. This is to insure that you will not go overboard on characters you do not intend to keep. We really do not want people creating characters and then not posting with them.

Canon characters: we have a list of canon characters here. PM me if you would like the honor of role-playing one of these wonderful characters. But do this ONLY after having full permission from me.

Posting Rules: We do have rules that you have 50 words per post, this is to make sure the person you are RPing (Role-Playing) with has something to respond to.

We do prefer you post in third person.

EXAMPLE: She walked into the class feeling flustered..

Things like that.

Swearing: this is a problem I knew we would run into. Swearing is allowed but only to a extent.

Here is a list of swear words you may use in game or out of character.


I know. Not much, but it's as far as I'm willing to go. I do not want outrageous language used on here. I would prefer that this language only came out of the mouths of third years or above though.

Sexual Content: So I know some people like to write about.. very detailed sexual stuff. This is not the place to do that. Please refrain from posting M rated things. Keep it pg 13, please. We do not need innocent minds corrupted.

Punishments for any of these things. You'll have a warning. Then if you continue to do it, it can result in a deletion.

Relationships: I know that everyone likes to Role-play relationships but there needs to be some rules. No, touching below the waist. No, kissing anywhere besides the cheek, hands, and lips. If you are an adult you should be able to see a different forum with different rules that apply to you.

Same-sex relationships: Yes, they are allowed but the same rules as opposite-sex relationships apply. Which means no touching below the waist and you can only kiss their hands, cheek, or lips. PLEASE respect them and their handlers out of character (ooc). Ic your character may think whatever they like but please refrain from calling them names such as (but not limited to) fag, faggot, queer, etc. Punishment for calling them this things will start off as a warning but if you continue it mean result in deletion.

Abuse and Harmful things: Abusive relationships are not permitted at all. A female may slap, punch, hit, or kick (don't get gory think when Hermione punched Draco) someone as long as its a male or another female. A male may hit, punch, slap, or kick another male but NOT A FEMALE.

Magical fights, anyone may have a magical fight as long as you are not using the Unforgivable Curses and are not fighting with someone much younger than you.

Chatbox: Yes! We have a chatbox, how exciting is that! There is even rules for it.

Try to not swear much in there. I will accept it a couple times but then after, I will ask you to stop. Don't stop? I can kick you and ban you from the chatbox. I'm not afraid.

I don't want any inappropriate links or images a shown in chatbox. This is a place to talk with the handlers of other characters or even role-play a little.

And remember if you are ever in doubt about something PM me and I will give you the 'ok' or the 'no'.
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Rules. [Read please.]
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